The Student Startup Center is the hub for entrepreneurship and innovation at

UC Davis. We offer a variety of technical and non-technical resources to students

interested in all stages of the entrepreneurial process


Our Philosophy

We believe undergrads have a role in making the world a better place through innovation.



The entrepreneurial landscape is changing dramatically and too many of today’s founders and investors are unprepared.  For forty years, technology entrepreneurship has been defined by a mantra of “move fast and break things.”  This ethos worked well when startups were disrupting software and silicon.  It does not work as well in the industries being disrupted now.

These industries include food and agriculture, healthcare and medicine (including veterinary medicine), energy and transportation, and government - industries where if you move fast and break things, you just might kill somebody.  Entrepreneurs in these industries need new tools to approach technology innovation.

UC Davis students will be world leaders in entrepreneurship in these industries.  The campus’ proximity to the Bay Area provides capital, technology, and talent that most universities can only dream about.  Its proximity to Sacramento provides access to elected officials and policy makers that regulate the aforementioned industries.  And of course, UC Davis is already world-class at research in these industries.

Find us at 1122-1124 Bainer Hall!

Here are some local and online resources for entrepreneurs as well as a list of entrepreneurship clubs on campus!