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Startup School

Startup School is in session!

Are you interested in creating your own startups, but are unsure if you can start one? Have a cool idea, but not sure how to start or think it might be too expensive? Join startup school! Startup School will be a lunchtime meet up once a week on Tuesdays where we will discuss a few short readings designed to help us identify opportunities to launch in the future.

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Pitches & Popcorn

Practice thinking like an investor. Drop in on Mondays to watch entrepreneurs pitch their companies and then discuss the pitches to decide if you would invest.

Startup Speaker Series

Join us each Friday to talk to a mentor who’s active in the startup world, from startup CEOs to investors! Listen to their unique insight about their experiences with startups, and come with questions.

Peer Review

Join us to talk to student entrepreneurs from PLASMA! Listen to their unique insights about their experiences with startups, and come with questions.


A special niche of Mentor Meetup, students meet with key venture investors interested in their chosen fields.

Speed Networking

Students interested in finding the right partner with whom to launch a startup should attend speed networking.  Students talented in computer programming and students with keen business ideas come together for a dozen quick power-meetings in hopes of finding the right partner.

Startup Week

A weeklong deep-dive focused on exploring solutions to new problems, solving those problems, and putting together the team necessary to do it all.  There are multiple workshops hosted throughout.