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Student Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kim Quach

July 06, 2020

Entrepreneurship wasn’t something Kim thought she would pursue in college, although she knew she wanted to start something. Growing up, she admired entrepreneurs and felt excited about the idea of building a company that creates social impact. Entrepreneurship “was always a dream,” she says, “A secret dream.”

Student Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jorge Arthur

June 29, 2020

Jorge Arthur had a taste of entrepreneurship before becoming a UC Davis student. In high school, he knew he wanted to try entrepreneurship. So he started a clothing brand. The experience opened new worlds to him, including connecting him to emerging leaders in the LA fashion world.

Nicolas Ventura and Remy Leutenegger’s AccuDropper Earns First Prize in the Student Startup Center’s 2020 PLASMA Demo Day

May 12, 2020

On May 6, 2020, Nicolas Ventura and Remy Leutenegger were awarded $7,500 as the winners of 1st Prize and Most Improved in the Student Startup Center’s 2020 PLASMA Demo Day. PLASMA is a 12-week business accelerator for UC Davis undergraduate students. The program provides early-stage companies with an extensive mentor network, educational lessons with industry leaders, seed capital, and a rich entrepreneurial work environment. Nic and Remy are grateful to have won the competition.