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Below are descriptions of the core courses for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

ENG 008 - Intro to Entrepreneurship (offered Winter & Spring 2019)students

This course explores the critical topics entrepreneurs need to know to start a successful business. Frameworks and strategies for getting started, including the Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking and the Lean Startup method, will be examined.

Whether you have the entrepreneurial itch, are gearing up for a successful senior design project or just want to take a fun class to meet other innovative students - this is the class for you!

ENG 002 - Creativity and Entrepreneurship for Engineers  (Fall 2018)

Ready to take your idea to the next level? This course provides a hands-on overview of technological innovation and product development. Your team will work through the Lean Startup Method, iterating your solution as more information about your customer is identified. The early part of the course focuses on identifying untapped customer needs in order to generate new product ideas.  This is a practical class is designed to give students the experience of how to work as a team to turn their idea into a company. The course will integrate the Student Startup Center as a laboratory for the development of a prototype. Students get their hands dirty talking to customers, partners, and competitors.  A significant amount of class time is dedicated to project work for teams to complete a minimally viable product prototype & complete customer discovery.  

Despite the course name you do not have to be an engineer to take this class. We welcome all interested in the development of technological innovations!