Opportunities at the SSC

Every event hosted at the SSC is designed to expose students from all majors to the startup world.   Whether your interest is in working for, launching, or investing in a startup, this is the place to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of entrepreneurship.  Failure is a prerequisite of success, but those students willing to keep pushing will be rewarded with an experience found nowhere else on campus.


For those interested in hardware, the SSC has a host of prototyping equipment, all free for students to use!  The makerspace includes a range of high-end 3D printers, a CNC machine, a laser printer, and electronic equipment like Arduinos and Intel Joules. The equipment room is located in Bainer 1124, with a flex open office space next door in Bainer 1122.

Visual Thinking Lab

In addition to prototyping equipment, the startup center is home to a visual thinking lab with some of the coolest virtual and augmented reality technology available. VR has endless possibilities, including gaming, education, 3D visualization, and prototyping. At the SSC, some students have even used the tech to aid their senior design projects.


Student workshops are deep dives into any number of topics relevant to building ventures. Topics covered include 3D printing and VR design, to complement the makerspaces.  But beyond hardware, managers teach “Building Your Own Personal Website” and “Managing Small Groups”, among others. Dropping by for a workshop is a great way to pick up a new skill, dip your toe into the startup world, and experience big, new ideas.

Pitches & Popcorn

Every week, participants get to munch on freshly popped popcorn while reviewing a series of startup pitches from top early-stage founders.  These companies are brand new, but they’ve received venture funding, making them the perfect targets for debate.  Which company would make the best investment? Why? Come and make your case!

Networking & Mentoring

We connect students to resources on-campus (e.g. Mike & Renee Child Institute for Entrepreneurship, Venture Catalyst, and subject-matter experts), off-campus (Sacramento and Bay Area venture communities) as well as to alumni in positions to help them knock down roadblocks on their way to success.

PLASMA: Student Accelerator

The SSC’s capstone program is the PLASMA Student Accelerator.  PLASMA provides UC Davis’ brightest entrepreneurs with the tools, accountability, and community they need to aggressively grow and master their business. Each year, a dozen top-flight teams join the PLASMA cohort, where they are mentored by investors, fellow entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts ahead of scaling their businesses and solving real-world problems.