Can You Solve ______?

Can You Solve?

What is the Can You Solve Series?

Can You Solve is a new weekly event at the Student Startup Center in which students focus on the one part of problem-solving that most take for granted: the Problem.
We challenge students to continue to pry after the truth about a given problem when they might otherwise stop, content that they know everything there is to know. Student can expect to dive deep into the problems faced by our communities and around the globe, learning the skills and patience necessary to truly understand any problem.

What does that look like?

Can You Solve is every Wednesday at 4:30 pm at the Student Startup Center in 1122 Bainer Hall.

What are you trying to accomplish with CYS?

The goal of this event is to expose a diverse group of students to myriad problems worth solving and for these students to gain the tools required to fully understand and define problems worth solving. We also hope students interested in particular problems are able to connect with other students of similar passion and work on the problems they’ve identified.