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Develop extended reality and prototyping skills with our student managers.


Prototyping Workshops

Explore the different methods of prototyping with our Prototyping Design Workshop! Explore how to use different prototyping technologies, such as CAD for 3D Design, 3D Printing, CNC Routing, and Laser Cutting.

3D Modeling with CADExplore the many tools that Onshape offers for CAD! Learn how to use these tools to make a simple lego block and use those skills to design a personalized maker coin!

  • 3D PrintingLearn how to utilize 3D printing technologies to create features impossible with any other technology! We will learn how a 3D printer works, how to design within the constraints of 3D printing, and how to set up a 3D file to be printed.
  • CNC RoutingExplore the more traditional method of subtractive manufacturing, useful for adding cutting details in large pieces. Learn how to create different cutting toolpaths in Fusion 360, and see it come to life with our Shopbot Desktop CNC!
  • Laser CuttingLearn how to make vector designs to be used with a laser cutter and engraver. We will learn how to design coasters in Inkscape and learn how to print them with the Glow-forge

What to 3D print or laser cut your design? Make a request at


Virtual and Augmented Reality Workshops

Expand your knowledge regarding Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with workshops offered by the SSC’s Visual Thinking Lab! Come experience our virtual reality demos, learn how to design your own VR game, and even play around with augmented reality: learn how to make a poster come alive and have objects appear out of thin air!

  • Build Your Own GameLearn how to build your own Virtual Reality game using the Unity game engine! Learn how to implement player controls, AI enemies, projectile mechanisms, and release your completed game
  • Augmented RealityThe Student Startup Center is now offering workshops on augmented reality! Impress your friends by creating your very own face filters! Learn how to make a poster come alive and have objects appear out of thin air! Join us in creating a wide range of hands on AR projects while learning the fundamentals of Unity.


Business Development Workshops

A successful entrepreneur is familiar with every aspect of starting, running, and growing their business. In the Business Development Workshop Series, we'll be covering several aspects of founding a startup - from identifying potential business opportunities to dealing with legal issues such as IP - in order to prepare the next generation of movers and shakers at UC Davis.